I am terribly terribly grateful that God loves me. I am still awestruck. So so awestruck. I mean Christ Jesus died in my place taking the wrath of God His Father for me. The Spirit of God has drawn me and I believe Jesus. He is God. God is true.

His mercies kept me and His truths delivered me. Glory.

I look to the Father as He wills in the Son’s name, Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd and God of the whole earth! Let His word alone be established.

One plants, another waters, but from you my Father does the increase come.

So be it; God is true.

— My meat is to do the will of Him who called me and to finish His works

One thought on “About

  1. Congratulation! God Bless you on this journey of being sent out by the Holy Spirit to do his will. Doors are going to be open to you by Holy Spirit Faithful Daughter of the King. It is your time to Shine for Jesus. For you are called into the Kingdom for such an hour. The people of the world need to hear what God has placed inside of you. Be Bold, be Strong and Courageous.

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