Nothing but the Blood


Nothing can destroy sin. My sin. Your sin. Nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing can save us from the very committed sin. Nothing but, Jesus’ blood. The Blood of Jesus, the Christ of the world, Jesus, the Christ for the world. Jesus, our (yours and mine’s) Christ. Savior.

Savior, save me. Save him. Save her. Save them. Save us. Savior, save. Save us O’ dear God. Save us from yourself. Save us from ourselves. For you are great and terrible God and, you are good and wealthy in mercy. You have endured O’ great One. You have endured, suffering long for us and with us. Your blood you did not spare. Your hope you did not withhold. Your truth you bare. Your peace you spread. O’ you who are right and know no wrong, righteous and merciful King, be strong in those who call out to you, that we might stand in the joy of humility and truth, peace and assurance. Jesus, thank you. My King and my God. Thank you with all that I am. It is not much but it is my all. My everything because of your kindness and your wanting of me. You love me Lord. You love me and you save. Glory. Glory God Most High. Your name is above every name that has ever been named. Above all else O’ Great One God of the heavens, above all else be worshiped, and glorified. For in you I have my life and, apart from you, outside of you, I am dead even now and would have begged not to have been. For where can life be where you are not? Where is the grasp of hope apart from your arm?

Bless you my God, bless you with your very own hand of righteousness and awe in strength, O’ dreadful One.


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