I can remember a time several years ago, when my friend and I were sitting in McDonald’s while it poured heavily outside. It was late Sunday evening and we had just left out of church when suddenly, as it seemed, a few cool drips turned to buckets of ice cold showers, drenching any and all who’d been caught outside. Instead of hitting the highway (I was in no rush to get home) I insisted we meet at the McDonald’s near her home. Once inside we ordered a smooth cup of hot chocolate to warm ourselves up. I was glad to have her company. About ten or so minutes into our conversation she said something like, “Tash…I need to talk to you about something.”

“Oh boy,” I thought, not knowing at all what “something” could be. I nodded my head, motioning her to speak. She did. She told me about an incident that happened two or so weeks before, one, she said she tried and hoped would have passed, but didn’t. She told me that I hurt her with a joke I had made about her to her. Well, it turned out that the joke was no joke at all. She mentioned how much she tried getting over it, praying about it…telling herself, I didn’t mean it…whatever she could do. Yet still, it did not recede and, it did not “go away.”

Serious matters don’t just go away – though still we labour vainly hoping they will.

That night she courageously, truthfully, peacefully and clearly explained to me exactly what’s been on her mind and heart. And oh man, did I ever feel terribly disable in my soul when I heard what my foolish (in the very true sense of the word) joke established. I was just as equally sorry and glad that she had told me.


There are two reasons why I was glad (after a day or two of being saddened and remorseful of what I said). One: There are greater hopes that it won’t happen again, not to her and another as I learned and learn what are true jokes and what are not; and Two: Though her telling me wounded me because it was true, in the end she and I were free and in good communion towards each other. I love her dearly and our love is true.

I also have learned from her that counsel and rebuke from a friend is sweet — should I receive it. And if I am willing to yield and humble my own self, I can, and will grow, mature and bloom for the better. I am most grateful to have such faithful friends in my life. Though they be not multitudes, but few trees, they reap vast harvest in my very soul.

The substance of the heart of a friend are like drops of honey to the lips and water to the soul, even in times of trouble. The faithfulness of a friend will impart truth to your ears and give life to your soul. The faithfulness of a friend will bring about good no matter the cause, because their heart is set with true and pure motivates towards you. Should you need to ask of counsel, a friend will seek the best for you. Even when it cost them to wound you, they do so for they know, like a mother teaches her young to fly, so must they aid you to soar.

Father in heaven, holy and true are you. Lord Jesus Christ, thank you. Thank you very very very much for my faithful friends. Help and guide us in our faithfulness. Lead us into a deep and growing relation that we may be a benefit to each one’s house, and a blessing upon each others head. I ask you of this my King, in your holy name, Jesus. I love you with great strength and in you do have I put my trust and hope. To your throne there will be no end. Thank you for the wounds of my friends and help me to be true to them as well. Might we walk in unity and peace, in one accord with one heart in the name of our God. And may we be as a blessing in the lives of each other as you so desire to us to be in your sight and in our hearts and minds. Lord, according to your own word and the desire of you heart, bless them this day I pray you. Amen, Most High God, Maker of all, Amen. Bless the name of Jesus!


“Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

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