O’ King, Forever!


Written upon the table of my heart are the ways of my Father, and by Him I will not forsake them lest my soul groans and faints all the day long. For they who desire a city whose maker and builder is God, shall live – forever. And before the King shall they rejoice and speak of His glory! We shall serve faithfully by faith and the fullness of our faith shall be made in sight. Therefore, therefore I have found it in mine own heart to say this:

Forever, Oh Lord my God and my King, forever your word is settled in heaven. And so be it unto to me as your heart desires, for in you do I place my hope and trust Most High, in you. For I have tasted and have known of your goodness. You my Lord, Jesus the Christ and Shepherd, you are good, and for the sake of your name have you blessed my soul. When you said seek your face, oh King, I sought after you. Day and night did I seek you. Day and night did I hunt as a deprived lion, sick and weak in flesh and whose soul seeks even the darkest of caves for a taste of water – Living Water. And in time my Friend, you have made my soul like a well watered garden. Spirit of God, be unto me my strength and shield. For you are my God and my King, my friend indeed who is closer than any other. Nearer than a mother, and closer than a sister. Better than any brother, and sweeter than any friend. You are my protector and teacher, my guide and my comfort, my master and my instructor, my rock and my salvation. Higher than any other are you.

By You, for You, and through You may you cause me to serve you all of my days according to all that is written of me from before the days of old.


When, not if, I fail you, precious Spirit in your goodness, guide me to repentance and lead me on from there. In humility may I walk with you, in power may I speak of your mercy and truth, and may it be said of me, “Well done. Good and faithful servant.”


I love Him, I love Him, I love Him!





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