What matters most in success or failure is constancy

Last week I watched an ant go in continuous circles while I waited for the bus. I starred at it for a considerable amount of time, both amazed and confused. After sometime passed, literally, and the ant was still in the same spot and still going around in circles, I took out my phone and began tapping – capturing a second of what went on for several long – long minutes.

This ant’s constancy was great in measure. It failed not to move but, it’s movement, though plenteous, was a move in vain. For though it pressed, it went nowhere. Got nowhere. Discovered nothing. I sat there for a while thinking, “…is this for real?” “What is wrong with this ant?” It was such a strange sight to witness. “An ant that can’t walk forward but only goes in a circle?” I thought maybe it was going crazy or something. Like maybe the effects of ant repellent, but I was outside and far from any house. Then, right near my foot another ant. This one moving forward with some twists and curves, and over tiny rocks that are certainly more like hills to it. Regardless it proceeded. It went places…like the crack in the sidewalk, went near some littler on the ground, making its way to and fro, going about its daily tasks, and I assume, ultimately fulfilling its ant purpose…I do hope!

Nevertheless, I am most grateful to have witnessed this life lesson in a moment, and by the illustration of both these ants. A quick study for a life long gain.

Moving forward takes constancy.

Moving in circles takes constancy.

And both are dependent upon the unchanging not a switch.


Father, your name, Jesus, is most high above all names ever named – glory – and holy are you. Holy holy holy. My King and my God, I love you. Thank you for this very clear picture and sound wisdom from the life of both these ants. Help us my Father. I ask for your help today and, should you grant it, tomorrow. We must be faithful that we be diligent in our doings and our works of faith as led by you. May our constancy be for success and not failure. In your goodness Holy Spirit you lead us to repantance causing us to get back on the right track and the right pace. Thank you so so very much. There is not another but you. Amen. You are our light and life. I praise you. Lord, in your name my God, I pray your way be our way. Your truth our truth and your life our life, by faith, and let our faith be in sight, Lord, for the sake of your name. Let your will be done and your word alone be established. And let our joy be full. 


“Where there is no wood the fire goes out;”


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