A Waste?


Is there something precious you have given or have done for Jesus but others say it’s a waste? Maybe it could have gone to a “better” use? “But when His disciples saw it, they had indignation (anger, annoyance, outrage, displeasure) saying, “To what purpose is this waste?” Matthew 26:8

Dearly beloved, in our lives as we draw nearer to Jesus by Holy Spirit and the reading and studying of Jesus’ holy scriptures, we tend to seek ways in which we can bless Him, please Him, give to Him…something, anything, that he may take delight in our offerings and sacrifices of praise. We sincerely long to pour out upon Jesus the fragrance of our love and the richness of our oils.

Though some will become angry, upset or confused at your gesture of strong, committed love to Jesus, don’t fret and be not ashamed, Jesus will speak. Only take courage, humbly continue to do as your spirit is stirred by Holy Spirit to bless Jesus. It is for good purpose and even everlasting.

Jesus, love you. So glad and so full of so many thank yous and great praise for you. You’re our Lord, Saviour and Redeemer. Holy Spirit, glory. Glory, glory, glory to you O’ Holy and true one. Please, I’m asking you, please stir our hearts too as you did the woman who pour out her oil on Jesus’ head in preparation for his burial. Today, He lives! Hallelujah! He lives. And so let us in this time prepare him for his coming???!!! Your will be done here Jesus as it is complete in heaven. Love you King, thank you.

“…why trouble you the woman? For she has formed a good work on me.”

Also read:
MATTHEW 26:6-13

One thought on “A Waste?

  1. Praise God for this blog, I am so blessed after reading. It really encourages us that nothing we do in the name of Jesus is wasted. All for the Glory to the Kings of Kings


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