Buried and Raised ~ By Christ, Through Christ, For Christ

You, yeah you, you can bear much fruit.

You can bear the fruit of the seed(s) which have been planted inside of you. There are multiple seeds planted inside you. Though many of the seeds differ from another they are all inside of you, the branch. You are the branch in which your seeds are buried. You are the branch in which your seeds were placed. You, the branch, is the habitat and environment in which your seeds must grow yielding the fruit of its kind. The seeds in you can grow and can produce itself as it was meant to do and meant to be.

You, me, we are not the only branch. Of certainty there are many, multitudes, countless even, yet each single branch sprouts and grows thick and long from the same root.


Friend, as believers saved not by the flesh or the will of man or our own doing but of the Spirit, we are limbs from the vine of life.


In God’s throne flows the water of life. In it and on either side is the tree of life whose leaves are for healing the nations. But what of the vine?

Yes, I know, you’ve read it before. You’ve heard it already. Good. Listen again, and then hear it again, and then another again! And thank Jesus that He talks to us, over and over and over, again. Amen.

Listen, listen now, heed this, let in sink deep in the ears of your heart, the ears of your thoughts, the ears of your eyes, and your actual ears.

God has very really truly truly planted inside of you some seeds. And, whatever is in you from God is terribly precious and greatly effective for use, should they grow and mature.

An apple seed will give more apples. The mango seed, mangoes; grass, grass. Whatever he’s planted inside of you can be produced or better said, reproduced.

“Then God said…

‘Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth’;

…and so it was. And the earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is in itself according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.”


Yes sir! Yes ma’am! Yes young one! “Whose seed is in itself.”

Jesus explained that He was and is the vine, the true vine, and that His Father is the farmer. The branches in Him, He taught, are purged if they’re bearing fruit so they can bear more, and branches not bearing any fruit He said would have to be taken away.

Christian, do not quit, do not give up and do not lose or misplace your focus on Jesus Christ, the Good Shepard. Concentrate on Him. Read and study and look for Him in the Holy Bible and speak, pray to Him.

The works of the Lord come from the Lord. His seed is from Him. Before your birth and before you would come to the knowledge and understanding of this, Christ planted in you seeds full of “fruit” and purpose in the fashion of His will.

Therefore, therefore…
He can pull it out! He can revel, showing you, causing you to discover as He uncovers the seeds inside of you.

We are clean through the word Jesus has spoken to us. When your growth is hindered He will cut what and when it is right to do so as he sees fit in order to aid you to grow and produce all the more fruit in harvest time. And remember, there are various appointed harvest times pending on the fruit. He is the caretaker knowing all labours and materials necessary for the task.

Beloved, keep abiding, keep keeping, in Jesus. He wills to keep keeping in you. Now we know of seeds in us, yet we cannot bear them or witness them , we won’t see them ripen and come to fruition without keeping in the root. The branch cannot bear fruit of itself, expect it abide in the vine. Sure, a branch can grow apart from its original root, but on its own, can it bear the fruit from a vine it is not attached to? No. Nada. Never. Ever get a sweet not too soft not too firm mango? O’ how delicious! O’ how tasty! There are many different types of mangoes. My mom can verify that. Yet, when there’s a good batch of the same type from the same tree you’ve hit the bulls eye!

Look, even through they look-a-like, cut deeper, taste and know the difference.

If you bear fruit separate of Jesus, I’d take a close examination of that which you call fruit. All seed have a natural environment and climate in which they might flourish. Don’t dig up and place elsewhere, go organic!!! Really.

You have selected seeds in you to bear fruit, picked, chosen, separated, shaped, flavoured and formed by He who created all beings and things for him and through Him.

Now, what seeds are in you? Start with the greatest of all seed, love.

Father, I have shared what you have stirred in my heart. You are faithful Lord and good. Able and willing to teach, lead and guide. Lord, in your name Jesus, help us in strength, truth, hope, faith and your grace to keep ourselves in you, in prayer, word and deed. May your testimony of us be pleasurable as all our sayings and doings are in your light before you. Thank you Wonderful Counselor, Almighty God, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father. To your throne my King there is no end. Hahaha! Glory!

May Holy Spirit give to the diligent student the understanding of the text and cause the simple to be wise.

These things have I spoken to you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.
JOHN 15:11

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