My Soul is Alive!

Sing Hallelujah!

I will bless the Lord Jesus at all times for He makes my heart rejoice. He has given me hope and His reign is everlasting. He is God and there is no other. He shall be exalted in my mouth and His name glorified and raised in the highest. My king and my God is to be praised. His faithfulness makes the sun to rise and shine in the morning and moon and stars give their light at night. O’ blessed his name all His people and worship in holiness and in truth.

Unto you my Lord do I lift up my voice. Surround me with your pleasures and take great delight in the life you have designed and created in me.

Who is like the Lord Most High? Glory glory glory unto to the Lamb, Jehovah Yahweh the Lord our God is with us!!!

Hallelujah to the God of the whole earth, the Holy One of Israel.

My soul delights itself in fatness!!!!

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