Whatever He says, do!

The Lord instructs us as He sees right in His sight. He does so for our benefits. Reading, listening, hearing, getting, receiving all affords us the much needed knowledge about what to do in any given task, circumstance or situation.

Doing what we’ve received affords us to witness the end result of transforming knowledge into action (effort/labour/doing etc.). This process is happening continuously for all sorts of matters and vestments, but when you’ve received instructions from Jesus, you have the blessed opportunity to see the end result intend by Him. You can witness the desire of His heart and the wisdom of His thoughts and the power of His Spirit.

In chapter two of the gospel of John, we read the account of a gathering in celebrations of a marriage. There, Mary, the mother of Jesus, gives a one liner that has journeyed with me long.

“Whatever He says to you, do it.”

Yep, whatever He says, do!

Jesus has promised to instruct us guide us and lead us, so long as we come near Him with the understanding that He is our source, believing that He is good.

Even when our flesh and heart fails, God is the strength of our hearts, and He is our portion forever so desire to be guided and instructed by the Holy Spirit.

Receiving instructions from the Lord is likened to getting or being given a key.

DOING/COMPLETING His instructions according to how they’re given is likened to the opening of a door, granting access  with that key.

Growing up, I lost my house keys many times. Whether it was carelessly playing with them on the slide in the school playground, or forgetting where I buried them in the sand, or leaving them in my locker, losing them and forgetting them was easy.

The thing is I wouldn’t noticed their absence until, of course, I got home with my knees twisting to use the toilet.

We hate losing keys, even if momentarily. It’s like losing access to something…especially the car key!

Following instruction is key.

At the marriage in Cana of Galilee, Jesus instructed some men…


2. Draw out now, and bring to the GOVERNOR of the feast. 

/fill/ :an amount of something that will occupy all the space in a container

/water pot/ :a vessel for holding or conveying water

/water/ :not juice, not chocolate milk, not tea…water (the water they used for washing)

/governor/ :the head, leader, ruler, chief; of a public institution

I know the diverse outcomes one can get when things are done out of order or separate from specific instructions. I use to play a lot of sports. Many times my coaches would shout out a play in the middle of a game. Each play had code names so the opposing team wouldn’t know what we were about to do. The thing is, the few times I didn’t follow my coaches instructions, I missed an opportunity to help my team score, advance or win a game. I learned no matter the athletic ability, if a player isn’t willing to learn, listen and follow instruction, the potential of their gift and ability can be wasted and the witness of what could have been is lost.

Father, I want to Hear…Listen… and Do as you have instructed and as you will instruct. HELP. REALLY. In Jesus I am certain I can do it your way by your grace, mercy and Spirit. Okay, thank you very much.

Friend, may there be a witness of the difference in our lives.

PSALM 32:8-9


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