Do Everything as unto the Lord

Working against Jesus is a dead end

His displeasure will not go unnoticed. Though He is slow to anger He does anger and, when Christ is stirred against a wicked person seeking to assemble against Him, He will destroy both the wicked and their works.

I have seen it. He is first merciful. Showing the strength of his mercies and the length of His suffering. He gives us a multitude of warnings, telling us, even pleading that we turn away from works which are evil, wicked and full of sin. He knows very well its end and beckons us not to continue its route.

Jesus is not waiting to bring down the high places we may setup against Him whether willingly or unwillingly. He waits for us to tear them down, to put an end to shameful practices and thoughts by His help. Yet those who choose not to humble themselves, but exalt their foolish schemes against him will be destroyed and their plans ruined. He promises it. He is the fair, sovereign and righteous judge. Who among us can dispute His claims and ruling? I plea His mercy, and, He grants it! But those who refuse with tough hearts, Jesus mocks and laughs at your plans to destroy Him.

It’s like a worm who has fashioned in its heart to plan an attack against an elephant. There is no competition. The strength of the elephant will defeat a worm of any size and length. An elephant need not concern for his life but the worm’s. And a merciful elephant waits long in hopes that the foolish worn would cease from his foolishness.

Even so does Almighty God forewarn us to put down wickedness against him. He shows mercy, long. Even suffering to allow such practice to continue before Him, yet in the mist He directly gives a great witness of warnings which, should we decide to forgo and keep to our schemes, He will surely, without fail, rise His hand against you and the works of evil. He will and He does.

So, how long or how short will it take for many to heed, as in paying close attention, to the faithful and true words of the King? How long will you keep to the things that displease God? How much further will you go? Will you expose your own secrets before Jesus, the merciful Master, or do you wait believing the lies that you can somehow hide, continue your ways apart from His because perhaps he is simply bluffing.

Dear friend, Jesus lies not. Because He has made mention that He will, if and when good in His sight, destroy those who seek to destroy Him, we must all humbly and wholeheartedly go before His hand of grace seeking and asking Him in prayer for whatever help we may require. God is faithful, whatever power and grace we need to sustain us, He has and, can and wills to give to us for free no matter the amount necessary. Only let today be the day your will surrenders to Him for His will is good. You can choose today, it will take courage, but little or much courage is still courage. No one can bump into God. He made and makes Himself available to us, to you, to me.

Since He says “come” go. Go in faith knowing, believing and trusting God to make in you a pure heart with clean hands by the Son’s blood alone.


Father, today I lift up before you those who have received your word and seek after you for help. Lord, as all your sheep are in great need of your staff and rod, please Shepard them in your leading and guiding. Direct their steps according to what is good and right in your sight. Jesus, some are looking to turn to you, letting go of what you are against. They have heard your word and believe. So Lord please keep them as you keep all your children. God I pray, asking you in Jesus, to please show them your witness of your love, and guide them in your truth. May they take courage and strength to follow you in spirit. Let your understanding open their hearts, minds and eyes in your word by the arm of Holy Spirit. Your grace and peace be upon them.

Lord, thank you. Thank you very much my King. Above all matters, have your way and do what is right in your sight. Your kingdom come. You will done. May the heavens rejoice my Lord, may the heavens rejoice in their Maker. I love you.

Have a read ~ Psalm 2



One thought on “Do Everything as unto the Lord

  1. Well written, it is indeed a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Thank you, we all need to fear the Lord, for it is the beginning of wisdom. The Word also tell us if we know how to do good and don’t, it is a sin. Yes you have encourage me to examine myself and my life to look to Jesus, our great example


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